About DAA

Development Action Association (DAA), established in 21/11/1997 is a registered socio-environmental advocacy, non-profit, non-governmental development-oriented  farmer based organization with its head office in Darkuman in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Incorporated in Ghana, with certificate # G-2,672  from the Registrar General’s Department and registered with the Department of Social Welfare with registration #  D.S.D/1082

Development Action Association (DAA) emerged out of the Freedom from Hunger Campaign / Action for Development FFHC/AD programme of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The programme supported community groups with the objective of reducing poverty and empowering group members to be self-reliant and to participate fully in their own development. The FAO/FFHC initiative introduced improved fish smoking and storage technology, vegetable production and cassava processing in 13 villages in the Region.

As a result of these positive developments and their growing self-confidence and organisational maturity the groups decided to form a loose federation of grassroot associations called the Development Action Association (DAA) or Noyaa Kpee in the Ga language. In 1998, the DAA was registered as a farmer based non-profit organization, which seeks to promote self-reliance, participatory and sustainable development.

DAA is now operating in 67 communities in Greater Accra, Central, Eastern Regions of Ghana and 98% of the beneficiaries are rural women with low education. Its main areas of operation are food security i.e. Fish processing, cassava production,  micro – credit, vegetable production fish production and small animals raising ( Grasscutter, rabbits, snails, fowls, pigs etc).

DAA is a member of Farmers Organisations Network in Ghana (FONG) which is a member of formerly International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP) and the Network of Farmers Organizations and Agricultural Producers in West Africa (ROPPA). Every quarter the executive members meet. Every year, members invite chiefs, assembly members, District chief executives and ministers of state witness their AGMs. This is indicative of the strong governance of the association and its influence.

DAA has implemented several developments projects including construction of a nursery and primary school, place of convenience, capacity building in financial management, rural women empowerment, initiated  celebration of World Rural Women’s Day, collaborates with the District  Assemblies, Ministry of food and Agriculture, FAO, FARA, JICA, IVA and others. One young woman presented a paper at Kenya Nairobi on Climate change in support of women activity on climate change in August 2009.

YARA has been supporting Rural Women’s Day since 2008. This had created awareness and education to rural women in the use of YARA products.

In 2009, Ghana National Farmers Day, a woman from DAA was elected as the Best National 2nd Best farmer in Ghana.

Our Vision 

A nation where grassroots development is committed to the eradication of poverty and all social and economic injustice and the promotion of rural enterprises.

Our Mission 

  • Promote and advocate for a participatory and self-reliant grassroots movement that is empowered to take charge of its development’s needs.

  • Promote and advocate for cooperation among member associations so as to create a self-reliant grassroots movement.

  • Mobilize and make available to members, resource needed to implement programmes attain holistic and sustainable development.